The first thing we said after watching Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out was, "how did he do that!?" Well, now we know - for at least four of the stunts anyway. Check out these four videos from Red Bull.

The train

We saw some out takes of the train scene in the original edit, but it's great to see it all come together here.

The puddle

This was probably the most talked about scene of the edit. Turns out the "puddle" was specially built for the shot. Fair play to Danny for riding through it all day!

The Hay Bale

This has to be the most creative trick Danny's ever done. It took 400 goes to get right in the end but think about the crew who had to push a bale up each time!

The case front flip

For this shot they used a hidden wooden platform for consistency, but other than that it was easy as pie for Danny.