Who's going to end the year as the World Cup overall leader? It's time to find out. 

As it stands, Amaury Pierron has an intimidating lead of over 250 points but with Loris Vergier on a roll after his first win and Laurie Greenland not far behind, nothing is certain at the moment... especially after we saw what happened to Minnaar in a similar position last year. There's a further twist this year as there are no points giving for qualifying in La Bresse - they're all pooled for a grandstand race finish. Anything could happen!

Want to have a better idea on who's going to finish where? Check out the Overall Calculator we've made below:

Overall points calculator

Click on the link below to download our World Cup points calculator and try out a few scenarios for yourself:

Click here to download

How it works:

- Make sure you have Excel installed on your computer (or you can use Google Sheets)

- Open the downloaded file

- Fill in the bold 'position' columns and the spreadsheet will fill out the rest. Note, the calculator only works up to 40th position.