The world cup season has been ignited and that can only mean one thing - the Syndicate web series has returned. We've been treated to a 25 minute long episode to kick off the season that shows off the boys' pre-season training in Lousa, Portugal before they hit the first world cup at Lourdes as a newly re-established trade team.

Lourdes was a success for the whole team with all three of them scoring points and Josh Bryceland finishing just off the podium in sixth. Here's what they had to say:

"The first World Cup of 2016 is in the books, and it was a wonderfully muddy, messy way to kick off the season! Peaty got some World Cup points, Minnar finished 14th, and Ratboy pulled off a top-10 finish, with a 6th place result. Lourdes is quickly establishing itself as a first class venue with a rough, challenging track.  Conditions all week were wet, but the sun was shining for the finals.  With legions of spectators streaming the hill was alive with the sounds of chain saws, bells and horns and could be heard miles away and fans were treated to amazing racing action."

The next episode will be fired over after the Cairns world cup in a fortnight's time