So close, yet so far. Yet another 2nd place for Mick Hannah in PMB, and this great edit from Hutchinson UR illustrates just what a bitter pill it was to swallow.

It'll be interesting to see how Mick does in the second round in Australia next week, because if he had a point to prove in PMB he's now got an even bigger one to prove in his home country. Mick certainly seems to be in top shape this year, but with him effectively losing the PMB race in the upper technical section of the track you have to wonder whether he'll do quite so well on the rest of the tracks this year. If we had to put money on any Oz taking the home win next week though we think it'd have to be Sam Hill. He also looks to be fitter than ever, and when it comes to technical prowess there's few so gifted.

If you missed the Nukeproof PMB edit then you can catch that here, and the Lapierre one is here.