Another two days of the Trans Savoie have been battled through by the riders, if you missed the first days then you can check them out here.

Day 1

Days 2 & 3


Another epic day on the Trans-Savoie saw riders in classic ski terrain riding the slopes and steeps underneath ominous peaks and ridges in the Three Valleys. Five stages with almost an hour on the timing clock for the fastest riders took in everything from crazy steep, technical rock gardens and channels to pure single track ribbons in lush lower forests. Stage Five, Loam Ranger, was universally praised by riders, with many claiming it as one of the best trails they had ever ridden - a continuos black thread of sinuous trail in untouched leaves and loam.

The overall leader, Jamie Nicoll, continued to dominate - starting to feel stronger after starting the week feeling a little off-colour. The winner though was the trails themselves - with over 4,200m of descending the riding was simply awesome today...


Day Five of the Trans Savoie - A groundbreaking point-to-point stage event 100% focused on technical riding ability and epic adventure, TRANS-SAVOIE joins the dots between skill, athletic fitness, mental determination, and strategic riding on some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

This event truly levels-the-playing-field between the technically brilliant, the athletically fit, the mentally determined, and the mindful strategist….Any participant in this event will require a healthy serving indeed of all the above qualities in order to successfully complete the week.