Following on from his tartan beauty in Fort William, Steve Peat has unveiled a new custom frame for Lenzerheide and this time it's cow themed.

Peat posted a picture of the frame plus rims, lowers, hubs, a jersey and even the spring that have been given the custom touch by Fat Creations. He said: "Excited to start this build with Andy Kyffin , Lenzerhiede this weekend and Fat Creations have gone above and beyond once more!!! Can't thank everyone involved enough. Cheers all, bring on the racing."

We can't wait to see this machine built up and we're sure Peaty will be flying down the course he helped to design that debuted on the World Cup circuit last year. If this is a sign that Peaty will be bringing a new custom frame to every round he's sure to have an awesome claim by the end of the year.

Update: Here's a clip of the beauty from Fat Creations: