What a shot. Wyn Masters showing that there is the odd spot on the Lourdes track where you can fully let it go.

Lourdes World Cup 2015 | Practice Gallery

We predicted carnage when we visited Lourdes prior to the opening World Cup race, but until you witness it before your very eyes it's hard to imagine just how punishing the track can be. And also how the beast can be tamed by the world's best downhill racers.

[related_articles] Yesterday and this morning's practice sessions proved that, and with us moving on to qualifying right now (things are just kicking off), let's take a look at a few riders on track.

We'll be back later today with a full gallery of with qualifying and randoms (there's plenty of that in Lourdes believe you me) and all sorts of goodness courtesy of Sebastian Schieck.

Now, off to witness the chaos of qualis!