Lourdes World Cup 2015 | Claudio's helmet cam

Screeching in Lourdes we are here for the first talky cam from Claudio, he's trying to keep up with Loic Bruni down this one and once his handlebars are tight it's time to drop in. Our man on the ground this weekend is Sebastian Schiek and he's fired out a belter trackwalk gallery that you can check out right here. The best news from the video is that Claudio will be in the box with Rob Warner for the race on Sunday so the level of madness on the mic is going to increase ten fold!

We would have to pretty much empty the superlative bucket to do this track justice when you look at the difficulty and it's potential for treachery if the clouds were to burst at any point this weekend. It's steep, there are booters all over the place (wait for WynTV to explain that one) and some rock sections that will test the mettle of every rider out there. Up top the rocks are sharp and aimed squarely at punctures then further down the more weathered stuff is smooth and will need to be avoided at all costs if the rain comes in. Claudio seems to spend most of his time shouting at Loic to slow down and it seems the young Frenchman has his lines dialled and will be gunning for the win this weekend along with the rest of the top 20.

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