We're here in Leogang where the sun is (Edit: was) shining and the Schnitzel frying. As the World Cup circus was rolling into town yesterday we decided to head up the hill and investigate the track. Leogang's course is well known to racers, and although it is relatively simple - especially when you compare it to Fort William's horrendous mud or Val di Sole's rooty nightmare - but there are still plenty of places to make or lose time. Railing the turns is necessary here, curious we counted them up top to bottom.

It is compiled of 45 turns - some maybe up for debate, but we'll let you be the judges of that. There's some do-or-die (as Loic Bruni proved when he crashed out last year), there's some fresh loam, there's some gravel... We took a photo of each and every turn so have a look and see what the racers are up against in the gallery below.