Gaetan Vige has won the 2016 Leogang Junior World Cup. The French Commencal rider overcame the conditions, beating out Finn Iles by half a second.

Iles seemed to have the race sewn up when he came down 10 seconds faster than Adam Rojek in the hot seat. His time was chipped away first by Nikolas Nesteroff and then Sylvain Cougoureux, but it was Vige who finally beat him.

Elliott Heap was unable to repeat his win in qualifying yesterday but will be satisfied with a fifth place finish.

Leogang World Cup 2016 - Junior results

  1. Gaeten Vige - 3:50.934
  2. Finn Iles - 3:51.559
  3. Sylvain Cougoureux - 3:55.053
  4. Nikolas Nesteroff - 3:55.530
  5. Elliott Heap - 3:57.573

Junior Results Leogang

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