Rachel Atherton has just won her tenth consecutive World Cup in Leogang. Atherton is now unbeaten for well over a year and has toppled Anne Caroline's long-standing record of nine on the trot.

Her dominance over the current women's field was underlined by a five second victory over Tahnee Seagrave, who was riding with an elbow injury. Result of the day must go to Miranda Miller though, who battled to third place - a new face on the podium is always welcome.

Tracey Hannah grabbed fourth and Manon Carpenter will probably be disappointed with her fifth place having won here in the past

Provisional results are below, full results to follow

Leogang WOrld Cup 2016: women's results

  1. Rachel Atherton - 4:09.394
  2. Tahnee Seagrave - 4:14.764
  3. Miranda Miller - 4:19.306
  4. Tracey Hannah - 4:20.883
  5. Manon Carpenter - 4:21.349

Leogang Women's Results 2016

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