Leogang World Cup 2015 Final Results

Men Final Results Leogang

1. Aaron Gwin

2. Connor Fearon

3. Remi Thirion

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Women Final Results

1. Rachel Atherton

2. Tahnée Seagrave

3. Emmeline Ragot

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Junior Finals Results

1. Andrew Crimmins

2. Jacob Dickson

3. Laurie Greenland 

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Qualifying Results

Men's Qualifying Results:

1. Aaron Gwin

2. Connor Fearon

3. Remi Thirion

4. Gee Atherton

5. Greg Minnaar

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Women's Qualifying Results:

1. Rachel Atherton

2: Emmeline Ragot

3: Tahnée Seagrave

4: Tracey Hannah

5: Jill Kintner

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Junior Qualifying Results:

1. Andrew Crimmins

2. Laurie Greenland

3. Jacob Dickson

4. Henry Fitzgerald

5. Silas Grandy

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Leogang Timed Training Results

Results are in from today's timed training here in Leogang, Austria. Well, what can we say? Timed training doesn't count for anything in the grand scheme of things - there are no points up for grabs and not everyone chooses to put in a run - but it's often an indication of who's keen and gunning for a result.

After her win in Fort William Rachel Atherton is right back on it. She has to be favourite here.

In the men's racing it is no surprise to see Marcelo Gutierrez right up there following his podium last weekend in Fort William. First place for the Colombian, and in the women's it's Rachel Atherton ahead of the pack.

Have a scan through the results below. Who is your money on?

Elite Male Timed Training Results

Elite Female Timed Training Results

Junior Male Timed Training Results