Now after last years antics at Mynydd Du the HT Champs got noticed. A proper press release will follow over the weekend, but i am getting jip from Jamie over at they want the title, a fight is on this year, that and the current champ Husky will be in scotland training for the Fort bill NPS, now i am torn between loyalty here, i really am the frontman for but Billy has to cover a world cup, will anyone else from the dirt office step up to defend the honour of the magazine, i know what wideopen are sending, he's an animal.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

I raced Steve Larkin last year at the Fort william enduro, i got faster run times but he bagged 1 more run than me, my best was 8.38 (when my tyres stayed on the rim). Get this, Steve did the SDA race there the other week, 74th overall and down in 6.38mins on a dialled Alpine Hardtail, yes hardtails on worldcup race tracks, i think jamie has been feeding him raw meat or something. Rumour is Cotic have Robbie Rickman coming (Cy wants it ) Astrix are sending a man in, local bike park Curtis rider Andy payne wants it, not sure on the DMR boys yet, and if MBUK and Singletrack turn up as well.

The UK Unofficial Hardtail Champs is coming, no licence needed, no gender or age groups there can only be 1 champion, will it be a local hero or a media animal, going to be interesting this year.