I can't keep up with Cranky, there is a different event on every hour, results are pouring out of Whistler like a spilt can of energy drink.

Looks like Greg Watts of the USA has won the Crankies Slopestyle hoopla.

It goes without saying they'll be a DirtTV video out soon, the Parkins were awake 24/7 high on camcorder battery acid, focused on the focusing, zooming on the zoom. Ron and Job have rigged up a water cooling system for their video machines which allowed them to be permanentally recording night and day without overheating. What can you say? Professionallity-ism.

In the meantime here's a Slopestyle video from someone else.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Yorick Carroux, www.carroux.com

Greg Watts is seeing pink rabbits, but will the pink elephants come out after the party tonight? And where is Donny Darko?

Greg Watts wins Kokanne Crankworx Slopestyle