Brutal. Conditions here in Fort William - both the weather and on the ground - have been less than kind.

With such a deluge of rain yesterday the middle woods section of the track is chopped up, rutted, rooty and has been kicking people's asses left, right and centre. We've witnessed some huge crashes, not least Emmeline Ragot's over-the-bars in this very segment of track. She got up, shrugged it off and finished third. Further down, Manon Carpenter took another OTB as she came flying into view into the finish area, it was horrendous. But she got up, walked it off, picked the bike up and rolled into fourth place. Both incredible results and terrible crashes.

See the results here.

Anyway, here's a quick gallery from the finish line of the top five women. Photos by none other than Mike 'Big Dog Editor' Rose.