A rainy day of tech-filled stages at the third round of the EWS saw Richie Rude and Cecile Ravanel end the day on top of the pile.

EWS Montagnes Di Caroux day 1 results


1. Richie Rude - 21:54.13

2. Adrien Dailly - 22:05.28

3. Florian Nicholi - 22:20.36

4. Martin Maes - 22:21.06

5. Sam Hill - 22:25.84


1. Cecile Ravanel - 25:06.50

2. Caro Gehrig - 26:14.92

3. Katy Winton - 26:18.41

4. Isabeau Courdurier - 26:22.04

5. Melanie Pugin - 26:38.89

Conditions were changeable and a total contrast to yesterday’s heat. Turquoise skies have way to a turquoise leader though as Rude won stages 1 through 3 to end the day with an 11 second lead.

All the main protagonists are right up there though with Adrien Dially in second, Martin Mars fourth and Sam Hill fifth. Nico Quere was the other stage winner.

Cecile Ravanel had yet another dominant day only conceding one stage to Kiwi Rae Morrison. She ended the day with a minute lead.

There are just three seconds separating Caro Gehrig in second and Katy Winton in third.

Full results here