Alex Cure and Anne-Caroline Chausson win the prologue stage at EWS rd#1 Punta Ala.

The Enduro World Series kicked off with a sprint through the wet slippery Italian streets for the Prologue. But it's into the woods tomorrow for the real action.

Top 5 Men:

1/ Alex Cure 37.8

2/ Fabian Barel 38.0

3/ Cedric Gracia 38.1

3/ Martin Maes 38.1

5/ Nicolas Vouilloz 38.8

5/ Nicolas Lau 38.8

5/ Nicolas Quere 38.8

Top 3 women:

1/ Anne Caroline Chausson 43.7

2/ Emmeline Ragot 44.3

3/ Tracy Moseley 48.1

Dan Atherton 13th, Al Stock 24th, Adam Craig 28th, Joe Barnes 29th, Greg Callaghan 42nd, Neil Donoghue 45th.

From Twitter:

@chaussonacc Prologue finish, 1st place, good show downtown. Now time to be focus on the real race. Tomorow. Hard day. Broapppp


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Kona's Al Stock came a respectable 24th, this is what it looked like through his eyes.