Stage 2 of the opening Enduro World Series gets the chop due a weather forecast.

Meteorological storm or not, you can bet it'll get a bit windy on Twitter.

Our man on the ground, DirtTV's Rob Parkin says:

"Stage 2 was cut for a number of reasons, first reason is that the transfer times were too tight now that it's a bit wet, they wanted to lengthen the times but that would leave the last riders finishing too late in the day, second reason is that stage 2 was a little dangerous due to the high speed, riders were going at mach 8 coming into blind crests and rock gardens. Should make it easier on the less fit riders now as the transfer times are longer and the length of the whole course is shorter."


Superenduro Race Direction advises all competitors that due to weather forecasts, the race course is reduced by canceling STAGE 2 of the Punta Ala Superenduro-EWS 2013 race.

Prologue is scheduled for saturday 18 at 5pm in Castiglione della Pescaia.

Starting order will be by reverse number order, with number ONE starting last.

All riders ad team manger are warmly invited to join the Race Direction briefing on the main stage on saturday at 2 pm.

Full rules can be found here:

Specific event rules that riders need to be aware of:

Race registration and number plate collection

Race office opens on saturday morning at 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Full-face helmet, long gloves, knee pads and a back protector all CE certified are compulsory into the stages, including Prologue. Wearing a helmet is compulsory at all time on during the race, including during the liaisons on bike.

Equipment marking

All riders will be provided with stickers for marking bike parts according to Superenduro rulebook.

Race progress

Top 15 riders starts every minute, 16th to 30th start every 30 seconds from 31ststart every 20 seconds. Riders start from the Paddock area. The starting

line coincides with the finishing line and is indicated by two yellow flags. Each contestant must cross the starting line according to the official timing and his own timetable. The contestant that crosses the starting line either late or early will be penalized accordingly. Riders must be ready to depart from the starting point of the Special Stages at the time indicated on the timetable given to them by the organizers.



PuntAla Camping Resort

9.00-15.00 Registration and Number Plates Collection

14.00 Technical meeting and briefing with rider and team manager

Castiglione Della Pescaia

15.00 Prologue Training

17.00 Prologue Start (inverted numbers)


PuntAla Camping Resort

7.00 Registration and Number Plates Collection

8.30 Race Starts

18.00 Award cerimony