Out the rocks and it all got a little slippery. Fresh bench cut
Out the rocks and it all got a little slippery. Fresh bench cut

It's definitely not dry and dusty in Cairns

The heavens have stayed open in Cairns and the riders have been faced with a slippery track in timed training. No surprise the British boys are on top then! Gee Atherton, Matt Simmonds and Marc Beaumont are all in the top five Mens separated by Connor Fearon in 2nd and rounded out with Damien Spagnolo in 5th.

Spagnolo was second after Danny Hart's legendary run in Champery so we know he can ride in the mud, the Brit's just can and Connor Fearon is a local so must be used to it when the Aussie mud gets damp.

[pdf url="http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Cairns_DH_2014_Mens_TT.pdf"]

In the Women the British ladies are up there too, Rach Atherton and Manon Carpenter are up there but it was Emmeline Ragot who took the top spot in timed training 3.337s ahead of Manon in 3rd. Myriam Nicole and Morgan Charre round out the top five with 1st to 5th separated by 9.41s.

[pdf url="http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Cairns_DH_2014_Womens_TT.pdf"]

The Junior men is a small field with only six riders, Loris Vergier took the top spot but don't worry the British lads are in their too. Frazer McCubbing took a solid 4th ahead of Taylor Vernon in 5th. 2nd and 3rd were filled by PMB winner Luca Shaw and Matias Francisco.

[pdf url="http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Cairns_DH_2014_JuniorMen_TT.pdf"]