Myriam Nicole has won the first women’s World Cup of the year in Losinj.

Losinj Women’s results

Myriam Nicole - 2:40.706

Rachel Atherton - 2:44.265

Tahnee Seagrave - 2:44.484

Marine Cabirou - 2:45.935

Cecile Ravanel - 2:48.416

Monika Hrastnik - 2:53.635

Cecile Ravanel was racing out of order due to the new UCI regs and the first woman to put down a real solid time. Her 2:48.416 would have been good enough for second in qualies yesterday and she settled in for a long sit in the hot seat.

Miller and Siegenthaler were all seen off but Tahnee came through strong after a weak qualifier to claim the top spot by nearly four seconds and putting down the first time to beat Atherton’s time from yesterday.

Next up was Cabirou who slotted second, then Nicole put down a scorcher. She was 3.7 up by the end of the track despite swerving the final jump into the urban section. The Commencal crew went wild, they knew it was a strong run.

Hannah was next and a sketchy second sector lost her heaps of time. She ended up crashing in the woods and rolling into the finish.

Atherton was top in the first sector but lost time throughout the course and slotted second. 

Full results to follow.