Right, it's the business end of the season so we dusted off the abacus to work out who stands where and who needs what tomorrow.

After Nicole's crash and Gwin's and Minnaar's ding-dong battle, here's how the overalls currently stand.  We've not included the juniors because Finn has long since run away with it.


  1. Myriam Nicole - 1215
  2. Tracey Hannah - 1130 (-85)
  3. Tahnee Seagrave - 1074 (-141)

Myriam Nicole's lead of 110 points was cut to 85 after her crash in the first section of qualies She's still the strong favourite but Tracey is definitely in with a shout.

Nicole has been keeping her head down all weekend, she knows a decent qualifier and a podium will be enough to secure the overall. Can she hold it together?

If she gets a fourth or better, Nicole has guaranteed herself the title, regardless of what Hannah does. If she does get fifth, Hannah will need to win to take the title by five points. If Hannah finishes second, then Nicole only needs to get seventh to win. We really don't see Nicole finishing any further down the standings than that on the track she earned her first World Cup win (bear in mind she crashed today and still got fourth).


  1. Greg Minnaar - 972
  2. Aaron Gwin - 949 (-23)
  3. Troy Brosnan - 880 (-92)
Fastest on day one and looking to defend from the high ground for Mr Minnaar

Minnaar can only guarantee his title if he wins outright.

If Minnaar comes second or third, Gwin must win.

If Minnaar comes fourth, Gwin must come second or better.

If Minnaar comes fifth, Gwin must come third or better.

If Minnaar comes sixth, Gwin must come fourth or better. However, if Brosnan wins and Minnaar comes sixth he must come third or better.

Of course, there are loads of other permutations but the above are what we think are the most likely. If you want to have a play round with results, use our calculator here.