Tracey Hannah has broken Rachel Atherton's grip on the World Cup circuit by taking a stunning win in Fort William.


The muddy woods proved to be a deciding factor but Hannah muscled then bit down with Aussie grit to smash down the motorway for the win. Atherton may have dislocated her shoulder in practice, but there's nothing to say she would have taken the win regardless, the woods were a gauntlet claiming both Manon Carpenter and Tahnee Seagrave as its victims.


Second went to Myriam Nicole who looked absolutely shattered as she flew over the motoway.


Third to Emilie Siegenthaler went to a shattered and disbelieving Emilie Siegenthaler. After her race run she collapsed on the hotseat.


Despite pushing through the woods, Manon went huge on the motoway and brought it home in fourth.


The final podium spot went to Morgane Charre.


Full results to follow:

  1. Tracey Hannah - 5:39.296
  2. Myriam Nicole - 5:49.543
  3. Emilie Siegenthaler - 5:53.106
  4. Manon Carpenter - 5:55.299
  5. Morgane Charre - 6:05.146

Click here for the junior's results