Tracey Hannah has qualified fastest at the Val di Sole World Cup on her prototype Polygon downhill bike. She decreases the gap between her and Nicole and re-ignites the women's title race.

Hannah didn't have the fastest first two splits but found a dollop of pace in the steep Val di Sole tech to wrestle top spot away from the other women.

Myriam Nicole was first down the hill but she took a spill before the first split but recovered to maintain her gap down the course, she finished fourth after a heroic run. She does lose 25 valuable points in the overall though and gives Hannah a better sniff at toppling her from the top of the standings. For the full run down of what this means for the title race, click here.

Nicole has been keeping her head down all weekend, she knows a decent qualifier and a podium will be enough to secure the overall. Can she hold it together?

Second place went to Tahnee Seagrave who ended up 2.4 seconds back on the hard-charging Hannah. Rachel Atherton was fastest through the first split but ended up third.

Watch out, we're predicting a return to form for this woman today.

Fifth place went to Miranda Miller, it's great to see her back up near the top and charging.

Val di Sole women's qualifying results

(Provisional results, full results to follow)

  1. Tracey Hannah - 4:15.262
  2. Tahnee Seagrave - 4:17.724
  3. Rachel Atherton - 4:20.382
  4. Myriam Nicole - 4:29.715
  5. Miranda Miller - 4:34.883


Men's results

Junior results here