Hot on the heels of back-to-back wins, Tahnee has qualified first in Mont Sainte Anne, beating out Rachel Atherton by 2.5 seconds.

Mont Sainte Anne women's qualifying top 5

1. Tahnee Seagrave - 5:08.528
2. Rachel Atherton + 2.510
3. Myriam Nicole + 16.306
4. Tracey Hannah + 17.660
5. Elenora Farina +20.507

Tahnee made most of her time in the first, fourth and fifth sectors with Rach getting within 0.2 seconds in the middle of the track. The points will be super valuable in the title race - Tahnee is still behind Rach but now just sits provisionally 70 points in arrears. Tight in the trenches!

Third place went to a returning Myriam Nicole but she was 16 seconds back. Tracey Hannah and Eleonora Farina round out the top 5.

Mont Sainte Anne Women's qualifying results

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