Rachel Atherton has won the women's World Cup in Leogang.

Leogang women top five

1. Rachel Atherton - 3:41.141
2. Myriam Nicole - 3:41.779 (+0.638)
   Tahnee Seagrave - 3:44.601 (+3.460) - DQ'd
3. Tracey Hannah - 3:45.118 (+3.977)
4. Monika Hrastnik - 3:49.597 (+8.456)
5. Emilie Siegenthaler - 3:52.780 (+11.639)

After a crash in qualifying, Rach was down early and settled in for a long stint in the hot seat and it wasn't until Myriam Nicole came down that the time was challenged. Pompon she was up at the penultimate split but a couple of mistakes on the bottom section saw her fall half a second back.

As the last woman on the hill, Tahnee had a scrappy top section on the cambers and even drifted off track in the jumps. We think she may have slipped a pole too so keep an eye out for a possible DQ. Until we get confirmation, she lies third. UPDATE: We're just hearing now she's been DQ'd.

Tracey Hannah then moves up into third, Monika Hrastnik gets her best ever result in fourth and Emilie Siegenthaler picks up a podium in fifth.

Leogang women's results

Full results here