Mont Sainte Anne was a rollercoaster this year, as the World Cup circus returned for the 25th year in 2015.

Words: Tom Caldwell

Photos: Seb Schieck

Hopes were high amongst the team, with Jacob keen for another podium, with Isak and Phil shooting for top 20. The frantic weather here played havoc with tyre choice and bike prep, with mechanic Derick flat out cutting tyres, and replacing bent and buckled bike bits that had taken a beating on the brutal Mont Sainte Anne track.

Phil Atwill representing for Orange Dirt World Team.

After Jacob's 2nd place in Leogang, he was more than aware that he was able to win. After settling into the track instantly, he qualified in 1st place with a rear flat and then proceeded to bring home good result in finals – check the word from him:

“It was a real fun weekend, my first time here in MSA. It started off really good qualifying first but then did go slightly downhill (pun intended) but I still really enjoyed it. I was happy to qualify first though, and that was only on a steady run, I wasn't pedalling everywhere and blowing myself up. I tried not to get arm pump and it worked, I think that was the right way to ride the track. I was 0.11 up on Andrew (Crimmins) and I didn't even realise I had a flat until I crossed the line, so I was real surprised. For finals I just rode like I did in qualifying, which obviously wasn't quick enough at the top. I was 19th at the first split. I made my time up in the technical sections I think, but then I hit the big rock garden, front wheel washed out and I saved it, but then it forced me to do the full low line. That probably lost me 5/6 seconds but onwards to Windham and I'm aiming for a top 3."

Phil on the other hand was trying to focus after not making the big show for the past few races. He did that with ease and proceeded to bring home a solid result that he can begin to build upon. See what he has to say here:

“We're here on the finish line at MSA, and I've just come down from my run. Had a real good run, I was pretty happy with it. I came into the first woods and tagged a tree which sent me inside on a right hander, which made me have a little crash straight onto my knees. Aside from that I'm happy with how it went, I'm sitting in 5th right now so we'll see how it goes. Isak has done real good too, he came through first and he's on the hot seat right now. I think we're both sitting well for decent results."

Isak cracked a top 30 this weekend and is working well towards his goal. After a few problems with setting up suspension, he cracked it, and certainly did crack on to land himself in 1st place when he crossed the line. Check out how it went for him:

“Yeah, Mont Sainte Anne was really good – I'm making my way towards my goal, which is a top 20. I was struggling a lot this weekend with arm pump. Guillaume from S4 Suspension helped me out with some suspension settings. I think we got pretty close to the desired setting by raceday, but I didn't have too much time on that setup to get used to it properly. Still came home with 29th though, so I'm pretty happy with that".

So that's the legendary MSA over and done with for the 25th year, with the team now packing up to head 7 hours south down to the state of New York and the ever patriotic venue of Windham. The boys are ready and raring to gun it across those wide open plains – stay tuned for coverage, and we'll see you there! #MURICA!