Myriam Nicole has extended her lead at the top of the women's standings by qualifying first at the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup.

Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Tracey Hannah

She was first down the hill and laid down an untouchable time of 4:45.426 to claim pole position. Title rival Tracey Hannah came closest to beating her but in the end fell 1.5 seconds back.

Third went to Rachel Atherton who was able to put some fast sectors down but unable to string it all together in a run.

Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Rachel Atherton

Tahnee Seagrave and Marine Cabirou closed out the top 5.

Mont Sainte Anne women's qualifying results

(Provisional results, full results to follow)

  1. Myriam Nicole - 4:45.426
  2. Tracey Hannah - 4:46.917
  3. Rachel Atherton - 4:48.792
  4. Tahnee Seagrave - 4:50.224
  5. Emilie Siegenthaler - 4:55.103

Men's results

Junior results