Check out this video from 1994 of the Mont Sainte Anne Downhill World Cup fifteen years ago. Yep, fifteen years. The top two riders in 1994 were both at Mont Sainte Anne 2009. a lot of you weren't even born 15 years ago!

It's insane to compare it to this years race.

In 1994 Jurgen Beneke won the Ste Anne World Cup, he is still racing today and finished 62nd in the 2009 Ste anne race. Amazing.

Rob Warner finished 2nd to Beneke in '94 and was here again in 09, though this time behind the microphone.

Wouldn't it be awsome to get the Warner back out on track too?

Jurgen Beneke came 62nd in yesterdays Mont Sainte Anne Final. 15 years ago Jurgen Beneke won the World Cup Downhill race at Mont Saint Anne 1994 . More dirt Mountain Biking >>

This years race. Slight change in bike technology and race speed.

Jurgen Beneke wins in Mont Sainte Anne in 1994 and comes 62nd 10 years later in 2009, Rob Warner in 2nd