Qualifying results from Mont Sainte Anne World Cup 2015.

Things kicked off with Juniors today, and while the top four remained consisted of Greenland, Crimmins, Marin Trillo and Dickson, the order was changed. Our boy Jacob Dickson doing the Orange Dirt World Team proud with a first place run, just a gnat's hair ahead at the finish but little did his competitors know that the Irish lad had punctured in the rocks, his Schwalbe Procore saving the day and proving its worth as he rolled to the finish line.

The women's racing was more or less as to be expected - Atherton, Ragot and Carpenter all looking supremely fast on course in practice and backing that up with the top three positions. Tahnée Seagrave looked on it and slotted into fourth, while Myriam Nicole made her comeback to World Cup racing (following a shoulder injury earlier in the season) well known, rounding out the top five.

And then the rain came down... just moments after the women finished their runs the heavens well and truly opened, a true deluge. The top male racers battled against the elements, but that didn't stop Troy Brosnan riding like a man possessed, crossing the line leagues ahead of the rest. It took until Danny Hart's run to show that someone else was within reach of the Aussie, and finally Marcelo Gutierrez demonstrated his speed from yesterday, powering into third. Aaron Gwin had a problem at the start and pushed his bike back up the hill. Loic Bruni crashed hard just after the new boulder drop in the open but jumped back on, only to be further marred by course marker tape in the cassette.


1: Jacob Dickson

2: Andrew Crimmins

3: Alex Marin Trillo



1: Troy Brosnan

2: Danny Hart

3: Marcelo Gutierrez



1: Rachel Atherton

2: Emmeline Ragot

3: Manon Carpenter