Commencal and Mondraker are the latest brands to roll out a 29 inch downhill bikes at the Fort William BDS.

With the World Cup only three weeks away, it's no real surprise that brands are trying to get some cheeky practice in on the new rigs.

Si Paton, the BDS organiser, spotted the bikes and posted them on Instagram:

The Mondraker 29er has been teased on social media previously so it's no real surprise that it has broken cover at the Fort. It seems that only Danny Hart is riding the alloy prototype frame with Laurie electing to stick with 650b wheels for the time being.

The Commencal frame looks fairly similar to the current Supreme with a high pivot and idler pulley system - it is cool to see the 29 inch Boxxers for the first time though. This also makes Pompon the first woman on a major team to be riding on a 29 inch downhill bike.

Will we see any more brands on 29 inch wheels before the weekend is over?