Greg Minnaar has stormed to the top of the timed training sheet by three seconds this afternoon in Val di Sole to lay down a marker for his title challenge.

Elite Men

Minnaar put down a marker of 3:41.538 on the altered Val di Sole track to put daylight between himself and the rest of the competition. Gwin did his usual trick and finished well down the rankings in but, and it's a big but, on one of his runs he was 1.5 seconds faster in the first section alone. Both these men mean business.

Pan shot for Minnaar who looks smoother than anyone... as always

Second place went to Loic Bruni on one of the last runs of the session while Minnaar's Syndicate team mate, Loris Vergier, finished third despite making up some time on the last two sectors.

Fourth place went to Amaury Pierron who's been fast in timed training all year. While Troy Brosnann stuck in a late run for fifth.

  1. Greg Minnaar - 3:41.538
  2. Loic Bruni - 3:44.666
  3. Loris Vergier - 3:44.886
  4. Amaury Pierron - 3:45.460
  5. Troy Brosnan - 3:46.111

(59. Aaron Gwin - 7:27.770)


Elite Women

Myriam Nicole blew the doors off the women's field with a time of 4:24.409 seconds. Sure, some of the main players weren't pushing but her lead of nearly 15 seconds will surely be enough to instil nerves in the other women.

Pompon floated over the rocky road today to claim her spot at the top

Second place went to Eleonora Farina with Emilie Siegenthaler third. Rachel Atherton went fourth with the fastest first sector of any rider and Monkia Hrastnik was fifth.

  1. Myriam Nicole - 4:24.409
  2. Eleonora Farine - 4:39.148
  3. Emilie Siegenthaler - 4:39.198
  4. Rachel Atherton - 4:48.389
  5. Monika Hrastnik - 5:00.742


Junior Men

British champ Matt Walker went fastest on day 1 in the juniors. Aboard his prototype 29er, he was able to boast a seven second lead on the savage Val di Sole track.

Matt Walker has brought a 29er this weekend, could it be the edge he needs to overcome Iles?

Sylvain Cougoureux was second with series winner Finn Iles in third.