Luca Shaw has qualified fastest for the second week in a row in Leogang.

Leogang men's qualifying top 5

1. Luca Shaw - 3:15..890
2. Brook MacDonald - 3:16.036
3. Amaury Pierron - 3:16.528
4. Loic Bruni - 3:16.647
5. Loris Vergier - 3:17.230

After his disappointment in the race last weekend, Luca turned it around and managed to find 0.15 over Brook MacDonald. Once again, the bottom section of this track proved to be absolutely vital as Luca was actually behind on a number of riders up until split 3. 

There was a gridlock behind the top two as the fast Frenchies - Pierron, Bruni and Vergier - were all pushing hard. As always, Leogang was tighter than an ant's bumhole as just 0.7 separated first from fourth, it's still all to pay for tomorrow and a single mistake could cost the race, no pressure!

Leogang men's qualifying results

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