Against all the odds, Leogang finally delivered a track and race to satisfy everyone. Pierron came away with the glory but there were stunning rides from Gwin, Greenland and more. There was also heartbreak for Luca Shaw who was bang up there until a lapse in concentration saw him crumpled in a heap under the crash netting. Gutting.

Leogang fastest lap

Split 1 - 45.625 Pierron

Spilt 2 - 34.941 Gwin

Split 3 - 37.211 Shaw

Split 4 - 42.458 Greenland

Split 5 - 30.028 Wallace

Total - 3:10.263

Winning Run - 3:10.991

We've buried ourselves in a mountain of spreadsheets and decimal places to emerge with all the graphical goodness on the best race of the year so far. The track packs down into roughly 5 equal sections between 30 and 45 seconds each. There was a different fastest rider in each split, probably showing just how tight the racing this year and how much the track actually challenged all the riders.

In qualifying, the top five were all within about 1.3 seconds but racing spread the deck far thinner with Vergier ending up 2.1 back and still on the podium. Also in qualifying it very much seemed like the bottom of the track would be where the race would be decided as Luca hauled back heaps of time on the rest of the field there. When it came to Pierron's race run though, he was just consistent everywhere and no one sector made or broke this race. Time to take a look at all the stats - let's get graphical: