Amaury Pierron has won his second consecutive World Cup in Leogang. A week after his maiden victory in Fort William, he once again will be on the top step of the podium after a drama filled race.

Leogang men's top ten

1. Amaury Pierron - 3:10.991
2. Aaron Gwin - 3:11.499
3. Laurie Greenland - 3:12.146
4. Troy Brosnan - 3:12.305
5. Loris Vergier - 3:13.121
6. Dakotah Norton - 3:13.385
7. Connor Fearon - 3:14.015
8. Mike Jones - 3:14.380
9. Brook MacDonald - 3:14.481
10. Mark Wallace - 3:14.878

Times were fast with Luca Shaw's qualifying mark set yesterday blown away early by Mike Jones. Dakotah Norton came soon after and pipped him but it was Gwin who really set a marker. Despite his injured thumb (when is it ever easy for him here??), Gwin was holding nothing back and attacked hard on his first full pace run of the weekend. He said he felt he had more time to give but the clock would tell by the end of the afternoon.

Into the top ten and Gwin's time was looking stronger and stronger but as Brosnan and then Greenland got within a second it was definitely beatable. Pierron was the first man through the breach with a half-second advantage wrestling the hot seat off Gwin with a stunning bottom half of the track.

Next in the gate was Brook MacDonald but the run never seemed to come together for him and he slipped in behind Mike Jones. Last man in the gate and it was the same finale as Fort William, Luca vs Amaury. No mechanicals for Shaw but a crash in a near identical manner to Loic Bruni who was also on for his first World Cup win after being top qualifier here in 2015. This left Amaury once again the man on top and the new World Cup leader.

Leogang 2018 men's results

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