Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Gondola.

In the absence of any World Cup riders to talk to or film (teams expected to arrive tonight,Tuesday) I was waggling the camera around in the gondola station when the chief gondola operator gestured that he could really easily rip the front window out of a gondola allowing a clear filming opportunity. Quick as you could say "Je ne comprends pas" he had prised the bike rack/rubber trim/and scratched perspex window off the cabin and in I went.

So jump on board and imagine you are Minnaar, Peaty, Atherton, Hill, Barel, Hannah or even Rocking Ralph Jones...riding the gondola on your way to your World Cup final race run.

(More interesting actual World Cup DirtTV videos will appear in this space just as soon as anyone with a bike turns up) More mont Mountain Biking >>

This is a video of paint drying. I think that my video is actually just a bit better.

Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Gondola