Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Nickname: GeeMan

Age: 24

PoB: England

Team: Animal Commencal

2008 World Cup overall:3

Career highlights: 2008 World Champion

Two words, "World Champion". Not to mention Andorra, and the Red Bull Rampage. Often regarded as one of the best all round mountain bikers on the planet, Gee had a phenomenal 2008 season, fulfilling the promise he showed back in 07.

Taking World Cup 4X out of his schedule paid off big time for Gee, as he stepped up a gear on the downhill World Cup circuit, coming third overall. With more energy and experience he looked a real threat, making podiums in all but one race, with a sixth place finish in Maribor. Whether he is the answer to Sam Hill's domination remains to be seen, but for those of you that saw the World Champs, perhaps we already know, after all, staying on your bike through corners is a fundamental requirement to winning races.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

The World Cups are mentally and physically demanding, requiring a solid and reliable team, none more so than this coming season, with its extra round and early start. Much has been said about the first family of downhill, but with their collective achievements of 08, we have proof of a tight knit, slick operation that gets results.

Once again, he has spent his winter out in California, putting in the miles on his road bike and spending time in the gym, with his own personal, Red Bull fitness expert. Seeding second in the Red Bull Rampage qualifiers shows just what this man is capable of. Pre-season races have gone well, taking second place to brother Dan at the Mob in Mojave downhill race.

Last year will have given Gee the confidence and belief that he can win at the very highest level. This year could be the year he takes the World Cup overall.gee-atherton