It’s over.

As I’m writing this, Jon the Designer is deflating a tube in front of me and the similarity with the mood in Dirt’s camp is obvious. We’re not deflated, but deflating from a week of nervous energy, hi-jinx and some crazy fast racing. It’s all about numbers I suppose and they can be found on the UCI site. Within those cold, hard statistics lie the stories of the lucky and the unlucky, of endeavour, victory and defeat. A simple finishing time might take an hour to explain to piss-taking friends or might just speak for itself for being magnificent.

So how did we do? All of Team Dirt’s battlers will tell their tale in a future issue but for now, Jon the Designer found the ‘clean run’ he was looking for and took Team Dirt honours.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Stevie Davidson spent part of the hot afternoon grinning in the even hotter hot-seat and fellow Irishman Defector D (Derek Cowan, who we nicked from Chain Reaction’s team) came down smiling after surviving four stacks.

Snap-Jock Robinson was hauling until he went temporarily MIA in the creek section (to yet more applause) and Mr Molloy’s 14th in his class was testament to some carefully crafted lines.

Naked Chris Roberts was getting faster all week but the big man with the even bigger motor home wasn’t pleased.

A post-race soak in his gold-lined bathtub brought the smile back to his face though, but it took more than a luxury soak to bring it back to Rodders’: the thumb / knee / rib situation kept him off the hill.

A press-pass, a long lens and a camera bag full of beer did the trick and he spent the day being Dirt’s super-fan. It’s time to head to the after-party now, a night that will doubtlessly be filled with school-boy French, embellished tales and a few ‘oh...ahhhhs’ when people try to get out of their chairs.

Oh dear, Grant just set Jon on fire and he’s right, he does now smell like toast. Should be a good night...

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Full results here.

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