Honestly, this wasn’t an easy choice, but it is just a bit of fun, right? So I decided from the get go that I was going to go for a couple of big hitters. Minnaar, Hill or Gee? Whoever I pick needs to get off to a good start, the track in South Africa doesn’t seem to suit Hill’s style, it’s not that steep or tech, with a lot of pedalling, so maybe he will suffer a little? Is that right or has he been training like crazy and going to rock up in some SPDs (I doubt it). And you can’t judge him on just one World Cup round, you have to look at the whole season. And last year he was kind of off form a little, but maybe that was to do with changing teams, who knows? And what of Gee Atherton, he is looking fit and strong this year, and is the current World Champ, and happy with his bike and team. My heart says Hill, but my head says Minnaar...I can’t make my mind up...last round in Schladming, a Hill favourite. Steve Jones is going to go for Hill, maybe I should pick Minnaar to even things up? I’ll feel guilty either way. Maybe they won’t talk to me if I don’t pick them. Maybe I should have two teams, one with Hill and one with Minnaar?

And the women? Well I think I would have gone for Rachel Atherton, she destroyed it last year, but she is injured and will miss at least the first round. So it has to be Tracey Moseley. New team, new bike...she looks fit and healthy. This really could be her year.

OK, so I have £50,000 left to spend, which isn’t really that much. It will be David Vasquez Lopez (a steal at £25K) and Dan Stanbridge. Both have the ability to score good points I think, and they are both in South Africa (which helps a little).

So here it is:






It's the last day today to get your entries in.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

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