Santa Cruz Syndicate riders Steve Peat and Josh Bryceland have picked their teams for the Dirt Fantasy Downhill. Click here to enter.

Peaty read the rules properly and picked THREE men and ONE woman for his team "Apple and Blackcurrent" where as Miami Bryce didn't read the rules and picked FOUR men. Doh.

Before you send your teams off to Shirley (check here) make sure you haven't spent more than £500,000 and that your team has three men and one woman.

The closing date is midnight on Thursday.

Here's Steve Peat's team.

Team Name: Apple and Blackcurrent.

Greg Minnaar..........£225,000

Josh Bryceland.......£100,000

David Vasquez.......£ 25,000

Claire Buchar...........£150,000

Here's Josh Bryceland's team (If Danny Hart was a woman this would be a good team).

Team Name: Min-Gwin-Rat-Macc-Fart Special.

Greg Minnaar £225,000

Aaron Gwin £125,000

Josh Bryceland £100,000

Danny Hart £25,000

Josh Bryceland and Dr Steve Peat join in the Dirt fantasy downhill fun