Brook MacDonald has shown his intent by posting the fastest result in timed training in Losinj today. In the women's race, Marine Cabirou was fastest on the leaderboard but there seems to be a timing error as she apparently got down in 1:14.

Losinj time training results

Brook MacDonald - 2:22.379
Sam Blenkinsop - 2:23.908
Loris Vergier - 2:25.328
Dean Lucas - 2:25.649
Danny Hart - 2:26.901

Rachel Atherton  - 2:48.559
Emilie Siegenthaler - 3:00.197
Monika Hrastnik -
Marine Cabirou -
Tracey Hannah -

MacDonald edged out Blenkinsop by 1.169 seconds with Vergier in third, Lucas in fourth and Hart in fifth. Brook didn't have it all his own way though, he was beaten by quite a few in the first sector and by Blenkinsop and Aaron Gwin in the second. He was untouched through the flatter bottom half of the track though, clearly he's been working hard down under.

In the women's, a timing error seems to have given Cabirou the top spot, but it seems more likely that second placed Atherton really took the win by 12 seconds from Siegenthaler. We'll get more on that as soon as possible and update it with the correct results. Hopefully it's sorted for when the real business starts tomorrow in qualis.

UPDATE: Just as we thought, Rach was fastest. Correct times are below and left.

In the juniors, Kye A'Hern was fastest in the men and Viktoria Goncheva in the women's.

So with the usual 'timed training counts for very little in the long run' caveat, here's the results:

Men Elite

Women Elite

Men Junior