I know we should be talking about Steve Peat's and Sabrina Jonnier's race wins at Andorra but people are still want to see Sam Hill crashing. Here's two more angles on Hill's race run crash and words from his Specialized blog.

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This is what Sam had to say on his blog:

"We just got finished with the 3rd round of the world cups, I felt really good all week and qualified 1st with a very mellow run so i was confident going into the finals today. Unfortunatly I had a big crash during my run, I was 1.8 seconds faster at the first split which was only 45 seconds into the course so I was definatly on a good run. I just went off a drop a little too fast and pushed down to stay lower, I ended up landing on my front wheel a bit heavy and went over the front end.

It was probably one of the biggest crashes I have ever had and I am lucky to have been able to get back up. When i was crashing I was headed right into a huge rock which I somehow missed, then missed a big stump and landed in a snow bank. I bent my bars, pushed my front brake lever up and got snow which covered most of my goggle vision and that sucked for the rest of my run, I was still trying to push it the rest of the way down.

I was just trying to salvage as many points for the championship as I could. I ended up in 31st position only 5.5 seconds off 1st. It is nice knowing I have the speed to win, I just need to keep it together next time. There are still 5 races to go and a lot can happen between now and then so I am staying positive and will keep riding as fast as I can."

Sam Hill

sam hill crash in Andorra