Aaron Gwin has won the Losinj World Cup. He now has 20 in total and puts himself just one behind Minnaar as the most successful racer ever.

Losinj men’s results

Aaron Gwin - 2:19. 193

Luca Shaw - 2:19.991

Dean Lucas - 2:20.328

Sam Blenkinsop - 2:21.107

Dakotah Norton - 2:22.821

Jack Moir - 2:22.081

Laurie Greenland - 2:22.191

Loris Vergier - 2:22.271

Troy Brosnan  - 2:22.404

Danny Hart - 2:22.965

Neko Mulally enjoyed the first long stay in the hot seat and was sitting pretty with a lead of three seconds for a good half an hour. Finn Iles looked like he would beat the time until he crashed. It wasn’t until the live feed started and the non-protected top qualifiers took to the course that the time was threatened.

Flo Payet went .8 faster in the first split would just about hold that advantage down to the end. Coulanges and Thirion went slower but Dakotah Norton was the next in the hot seat for the Slovenian Union team.

Eddie Masters lost his chain then top qualifier Brook MacDonald took to the course. He was a second up after the second split but took a spill mid way down and dashed any hopes of a win.

Vergier was up next and slotted just behind Norton. Local favourite Jure Zabjek had his left wrist strapped up with a brace but still put in an admirable run for the crowd.

Wallace, Gutierrez, Brayton, Hart, Minnaar, Harrison and Moir all went behind, it was becoming clear that Norton had done something seriously special in the bottom woods.

It wasn’t until the top five and Luca Shaw that the time would be beaten. Hucking huge into the streets Luca meant business and was pumping his chest in the finish. It was a seismic run for the young American.

Blenki was next and was trading sectors with Shaw the whole way down. Despite ETing the rock garden huck he slipped into second.

Mistakes cost Brosnan and despite a super fast mid section of the track he slipped into seventh.

Up steps Gwin and if we thought he’d been holding back a bit in quailes we were dead wrong, he’d been snailing. .7 of a second was his advantage at the finish line with one to go.

Up at one but down at two by a second, closer at three but all chance gone at four for Lucas Gwin was victorious.

Full results to follow