Footage and photos: Jones

As the chief engineer of the Sunn and V-Process World Cup teams, Olivier Bossard took the process of bike development and set up to a whole new level.

Now, after a decade making some of the best dampers on the market, he is planning another stint at the highest level of racing. He believes his former processes are now largely missing from the world of modern downhill and that the "cheap" bikes of today aren't showing enough ambition to be as fast as they can be. He calls this world - a marketing Formula One.

The bike was viewed as an entire system by the Sunn engineers

In the video he talks us through the work that was involved in bringing together the legendary and formidable Sunn bikes, his working relationship with one of the greatest racers ever and his plans to return to World Cup racing.

This one is super-interesting and definitely worth sticking around for the discussion at the end on the price of bikes. Warner part 2 next week.