The Parkin's have been up the track in PMB to bring you the low down on the Worlds course. It's looking dry and dusty in South Africa at the moment but there may be some rain on the way which wouldn't hurt the dusty surface.

There's a lot of talk about who is going to win as always but this year it seems wheel size and bike type are adding some fuel to the fire. Graves is on his SB66 pretty much setup like his Enduro bike just with a 180mm fork and Saint rather than XTR cranks. Whilst team mate Troy Brosnan is riding his DH machine Mitch Ropelato is another rider taking a different approach. He's riding a 29er with an air can out back and big trail fork in the front.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens in practice and timed training this week and if anyone is going to switch things up.