Back when 4X was UCI sanctioned it was the perfect warm up for a World Cup race. Normally run the night before the main event, a drunken crowd would eagerly gather to take in a night of elbow-to-elbow racing and guaranteed crashes. It was also streamed over Freecaster, with Rob Warner providing his hectic commentary as always, and proved to be a great watch - sometimes even better than the downhill itself.

Unfortunately 4X's popularity waned after it was dropped by the UCI. Legends of the sport such as Jared Graves, Joost Wichman and Dan Atherton may have moved onto other mountain bike projects but the 4X Pro Tour kept the sport alive. And now, for one night only, it will be returned to its former glory as it is coming to Fort William and will be live-streamed through

The stream will kick off at 5:30 tomorrow and keep an eye out for Brit's such as Natasha Bradley (the winner of round one) and Scott Beaumont to bring home some silverware.

Here's some of the very best 4X action to remind you of what we've been missing: