You might have already seen this news in Dirt 84, but if not, then there is going to be a big new team on the race circuit this year.

The 4mountains/Fox/Zumbi World Team is the full title and will be spearheaded by Neil Donoghue and Helen Gaskell riding Zumbi bikes.

The team will be competing in the World Cups, Maxxis Cups, the NPS with Liam Philips also taking on the BMX Nationals and Worlds Cups.

4Mountains is a new E-Commerce Extreme sports shop soon to be launched. Co-founder Duncan McCann will also race as part of the team.

What I can tell you is Zumbi are a Polish company who's frames are "hand crafted by the same guys who used to weld together MIG Jet Fighters". (Would they be MiG welders?) Our own Jet Fighter Pilot...Jonesy has been testing the Zumbi F-44so stay tuned for a review.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

That's a pretty big team by any standards. Ten members. One more and they could have a football team too.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

The Zumbi F-44ti with a full Titanium pivot kit.

You'll be familiar with a few names on the team:

Neil "The Don" Donoghue (DH)

Helen Gaskel (DH)

Scott Mears (DH)

Liam Phillips - GB Olympic BMX rider (BMX + 4X)

Christian "Hatch" Hatcher (4X + DH)...seasoned 4x campaigner.

Charlie Phillips (4X + BMX)...2006 - (18 yrs old) European No.3 in Junior Women.

Jason King (4X + DH)...Team Manager and racing vets in 2009.

James Baker (DH)

Nathan Million (DH)...just 15 years old and has been hand picked because of his special and unique riding qualities.

Duncan McCann (DH) of the co owners of 4Mountains and will be riding masters for 2009.

Zumbi downhill mountain biking Team 2009