Sam Blenkinsop and Sabrina Jonnier take the honours at the first round of the New Zealand nationals at the Living Springs Farm Park in Christchurch.

I'll try and get a race report soon but in the meantime James Allen sent us a load of photos for you to check out below, including Blinky wearing gloves, Wyn Masters and Brook Macdonald on new bikes and some pigs.

Elite Men Downhill

1 Sam Blenkinsop (Wanganui) 3:45.51;

2 Justin Leov (Dunedin) 3:46.54;

3 Cameron Cole (Christchurch) 3:46.93;

4 Brook MacDonald (Napier) 3:48.29;

5 Matt Scoles (Alexandra) 3:50.11

Elite Women Downhill

1 Sabrina Jonnier (France) 4:15.91;

2 Sophie Borderes (France) 4:43.06;

3 Rita Langley (Golden Bay) 5:09.60


Full results here.