Okay, here's a new section blatantly ripped off from Dirt magazine called "Your Neck Of The Woods"

Every week I'm going to post your news of whats going on in your part of the world. I want to know what goes on in your hood, what sort of riding you do, what's the scene like?

First up it's news from the "Cornwall Freeriders"

Paul Blackburn got in touch and said

"We aint racers or super skilled but we have shag load of laughs and are totally obsessed with all things bike. We are a bunch of xc whippets, DHillers, freeriders and general do it riders of various degrees of skill.

We hit various venues over England and Wales when not digging and riding our local spot at Poldice valley (20 mins from 'the track' at Redruth) which is friggin awesome as it has a mint DH track with lots of new lines in pipeline, a natural hardpacked bowl for tricks etc and a freeride area that has loads of lines.

Checkout their Facebook page here for more info.

http://vimeo.com/2766250 Poldice Valley Downhill from Ant Barrett on Vimeo.

I'm still wading through all the mails you lot sent last time and will get there soon, but still welcome more news/photos and videos for Your Neck Of The Woods.

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