Yoga? On Dirt? Whatever next?

In fact, it isn't our first dabble with bodily bendiness. Long-term Dirt readers might remember the feature we ran with Timo Pritzel talking about his use of yoga (read it here). That was a standout feature in the magazine, an eyebrow-raiser. If such a slopestyle god was doing it to aid and prevent injury, among other reasons, maybe everyone could get away with giving it a go?

And we thought tying our shoelaces was hard enough! This is going to take some work.
Yoga for cyclists.

Well, right now you can't turn a street corner without bumping into a yogi, and it is a well known fact that if you are in the business of running a successful Instagram account as a professional mountain biker you must promote healthy living through muesli and yoga-by-the-lake in at least 89% of your posts.

Mock it we may, but there's definitely something in it. And if the Wales Rugby Squad does it, there are surely no excuses. Ahem, thankfully friend of Dirt Yoga Sidsel has just started putting these videos out aimed at grubby mountain bikers like us. Here we go then...