Anybody else wear their trousers inside out every now and then? Just me is it?

Here's a quick teaser for one of From the Inside Out's most talked about segments - The Yard. Working with Brandon Semenuk, the Coastal Crew constructed and captured the progression of slopestyle in real time. Clouded in secrecy for almost a year, The Yard was a key factor in Semenuk's "perfect season". From The Inside Out - The Yard Teaser

From the Inside Out – Own it Now

‘From the Inside Out’ is finally officially here for everyone to enjoy! We couldn’t be more excited about this after all the time and work we have put in. In the beginning when we laid everything out and set a release date, it was hard to imagine the final product – we had so much ahead of us. Now here it is… in our hands and in the digital world. To complete a major project like this is a very accomplishing feeling, especially since this is our first.

From the pre-production stages of planning, to in-the-field building and shooting, to post-production mayhem, we have learned a massive amount through our first film. We feel the best way to learn is hands on. You’ve gotta get out there, get your hands dirty and make mistakes. And that is what we did. Luckily we had a bit of guidance from Anthill Films to help keep us in line. Anthill put their trust in us, believing we would be able to accomplish our vision and we are lucky to have them behind us.


Throughout production there were many ups and downs but the constant overall vibe was positive. We took every experience as it came and had the best time doing it. Our first shoot didn’t begin until the spring, which left a small window throughout the rest of the summer and fall to shoot a complete film. We learned there is much more that goes into creating a film than one would think. For example: rider schedules need to be arranged into the production schedule, trails and features need to be built, some shots don’t come easy, injuries happen and Mother Nature always has control of the elements. If you take all these factors into account then you can start to appreciate how much effort goes into a project like this. Although it was no walk in the park, we had a lot of good times along the way and got to visit some great places filled with great people.

Now that all is said and done, it is time for us to recollect but not rest. We will be able to take all of our new experience, momentum, lessons and ideas and put them into planning our next big project. ‘From the Inside Out’ has taught us a lot and we are excited to keep moving forward!

The Coastal Crew

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